Baja California. electronico

In his first years, Grenda has managed to consolidate a series of successes that have seen him tread the stages of SXSW, Trópico, LAMC, Mutek Mexico and Nrmal festival. Starting at just 15 years old he accomplished to set his music to international standard. In his short career, Eduardo Amezcua, has achieved a couple of solid recordings that show a musical aesthetic that combines aspects of pop music, avant-garde electronics and authenticity that shines by itself. His EP Living Right and debut album Untouchable Skin show a talent in power, a collection of memorable songs that between ghostly rhythms of hip hop and deep chords and arpeggios, overlie an electronic pop surface full of texture and spaces. It is for that reason that media such as REMEZCLA and VICE declared Grenda one of the best acts of his generation before he came of age. Presenting in a solo format or accompanied by a drummer, Grenda's language expands on stage, enlarging even more those intense production values that already characterize him. He has shared stage and line up with Devendra Banhart, Deerhunter, Slowdive, Café Tacuba, Battles, León Larregui, and Rodrigo Amarante. As a culmination to these first moments in Grenda's career, there is in the subsequent permanence of Boiler Room an agile presentation recorded in his hometown Tijuana, a moment of emotions and sensations that attest to the great talent of Grenda. Despite feeling last year as an impasse or detachment, the truth is that Grenda has not stopped working, and already has enough new material to move forward and show the signs of a new phase that promises to take it to new levels of growth and artistic consolidation.