Ciudad de México. metal

The band was born in (2012) with the intention of getting our music known, maybe get any music label, play out of the country and write our own songs and being someone in the thrash metal scene worlwide. We decided to take our intruments and give all in the rehearsals to play our first covers, specially of bands we liked since the beginning( metallica, slayer and magadeth ****). Tired of playing always the same stuff we started to write our first material; this lasted almost 6 moths, in which we rehearsed very hard and created our first 5 songs. During this period we were looking for a good name, when we found one, someone didnt like it or it was already used, so it became a problem, until we found the name of "Venemous" we didnt think it twice. With the official name of the band and own material we decided to record a demo during April in the well known studio "La Casa En Llamas" . It was our 6 tracks demo "Evil Massacration" (2012). Days later Pachis started playing the bass with us. After recording this demo we started to get some concerts, giving the band some popularity in the national metal scene,and the band started playing in some parts of the country. Venemous got the attention of Underfire Records, a subdivition of Blower Records that have signed Strike Master, Voltax, Split Heaven, Death SS, Gumo Maniacs, Ancesthor. So in early 2013 we signed for our first full lenght album. Ceremony (2013) was recorded in June and officialy was out in November. Concerts around the country were played to promote the first album giving the band the chance to play some gigs with Destruction, DRI, Violator, Morbid Saint, etc..